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We here at (YBR) take our clients satisfaction with our service very seriously. As a highly valued visitor to we also take your privacy very seriously. For that very reason, we take our security seriously and we respect everyone's right to privacy. Below you’ll find details about our policy regarding your privacy on our site. Please be aware that our privacy policy will only apply to Should you navigate or leave our site for any reason to Another site, you will be subject to that site’s privacy policy and our policy will cease to be in effect once you navigate away from our site.

  • We will never share, sell or otherwise provide your information to any third party company. We only share or provide your information to the insurance companies we work with for the sake of writing insurance policies and/or quote purposes. 
  • As a result of YBR providing your information to the insurance companies for the purposes of quoting, writing and/or other insurance related purposes and/or issues. You may be contacted directly by that and/or other insurance companies and/or their affiliates through their own means for the purposes of insurance and/or other related/non-related issues that our not associated or affiliated with YBR.
  • YBR does store your information on  separate servers not directly linked to for any other purpose other than quoting, writing and/or other insurance related issues and/or service issues. The third party site and servers are SSL secured and your information is protected. This site and servers are used for CRM/CSM and quoting purposes.
  • At times YBR will submit changes, payments, etc... to a third party including the insurance company or companies for processing, writing, quoting, processing payments, binding, etc... of insurance policies. The third party will make the changes, process the payments etc.. on behalf of YBR when nessassary.
  • Effective date of this privacy policy 01/01/2019

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is (YBR) is a website where prospective insurance buyers can get a quote for insurance from several different insurance companies and from several different lines of insurance in the hopes of finding a better rate.

How does work?

There are two ways to get a quote from YBR. You can click on the get quote button found on the home page or any other page on this site and it will redirect you to our quoting site. You simply enter your zip code, chose your quote type and fill out the 2 minute interview form. Than sit back and let Rater show you the best rate it can find for you. You also have the option of allowing us to do the quote for you by giving us a few simple pieces of information. All you have to do is fill-out our quick quote form and we will do the rest!

Is a secure site?

Yes! YBR is an SSL certified site, as is our quoting site and third party server site. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is an industry standard in security protocol for data transmission and encryption for communication between a browser and website server. 

Does YourBetteRate cost anything to use?

Absolutely not! YBR never charges any kind of broker charge and/or any other fee(s) or increased premiums to use our site or to get a quote of any kind. 

What kind of insurance can I buy?

YBR offers quotes and bind of insurance policies from all types of insurance lines including: personal and commercial auto, Home owners, business, motorcycle, renters and many more. For a complete list check out our products and carriers page.

Does getting a quote affect me credit?

No, shopping for car insurance or other types of insurance does not affect your credit rating in anyway. Insurance companies do what's called a "soft hit" on your credit report to verify the information that was provided. These inquires are not the same as if you were applying for a line of credit, a credit card, loan or mortgage they do not affect your credit score. 

Still have questions?

If after reading the above frequently asked questions and answers, you still have some question that need to be answered than drop us a line!  Just click on the contact us button below. 

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