About YourBetteRate.com

Our Story

We were founded on the belief that people should never pay more than they need to for their insurance. Unlike captive agents who work with only one insurance company, we work with multiple insurance companies to ensure we find you a better rate. We also believe that an insurance agency should never sell or try to sell a client expensive unnecessary or unwanted addons. We are an agency that is in business for our clients and we just happen to sell insurance. 

We were founded back in 2016 by our CEO Ruben Christopher and he to this day helms YBR. We are fast growing and will be expanding beyond the state of Nevada in 2019. Our expansion will allow us to bring better rates to the people of America and help us to continue to build a better insurance agency that will change the insurance game.

How do you build a better insurance agency? 

  • Be an independent agency
  • Be client focused first
  • Sell what clients need and not what you want to sell them
  •  Offer them an array of products from multiple companies
  • Never harass clients with unwanted sales calls

Business insurance, commercial insurance, insurance, cheap rate
Business insurance, commercial insurance, insurance, cheap rate

We Care

Charities We Support

We here at YBR love our furry friends that bring so much joy and happiness to our lives and give us so much love. That is why we are dedicated to doing our part to help those that are in need. We pledge to donate 5% of net profits from every policy we sell, every policy, to various animal charities.  That way they can put that money to good use in saving the lives and helping in need animals both locally and nationally. 

Update: due to the recent allegations of misuse of funds by former Nevada SPCA President Kathy Jung, we will no longer be donating to this organization. Once the investigation by the state attorney general is over and the matter, is settled we will consider the Nevada SPCA for future donations. To read about the situation you can click here...



Dog, animal, charity, pet,
Dog, animal, charity, pet,